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Josh Gahonia
Test passed 1st time 28/06/2018 - Thank you very much for all your help I will recommend you to my friends and be back for pass plus very soon.
Jessica Allen
Test passed (Automatic) first time 01/06/2018 - Can't believe I passed first time !! Thank you.
Genevieve Skivington
2nd time 05/07/2018 - OMG !! Done it and first time !! Mum says to say thank you for all your efforts getting me and my brothers through.
Zoe Richardson
1st time pass 19/07/2018- Thank you have told my friend Michaela Midgley to ring you all the best :)
Dominic Theobold
1st time pass 20/07/2018 - Cheers mate !!!
Naweed Iqbal
3rd time pass 30/07/2018 - Thanks for your help and patience.
Millie Hodson
1st time pass 16/08/2018 - Fantastico !!! Can't believe it xx
Gemma Fryer
2nd time pass 24/08/2018 - Just wanted to leave some feed back to say after having trouble at other Driving Schools I am extremely grateful to you for showing me that I could do it. You were my last chance saloon and thought if this final effort does not work I would give up. Fortunately you showed and told me things I hadn't realised or been shown and told before whilst making it fun so now I have PASSED !!! Thank you so much xxx
Russel Fielding
1st time pass 13/09/2018 - Cheers mate will send the lads from the quarry as and when too.
Beverley Lowndes
1st and 2nd time passes for her twin daughters Melissa and Ami 19/09/2018and 20/09/2018 - Can't believe how much money we wasted at the other Driving school thank you so much for turning them both round and saving the day, wish we had used you first.
Mick Davey
2nd time pass 22/09/2018 - Thanks pal now I can really move on with my Electricians business so give me a call if you want any work done and will recommend you to anyone I hear wants lessons.
Ross Brookes
2nd time pass 06/10/2018 - You were right !! Within two weeks of me passing I have landed a job !! Many thanks for all your help.
Dani Parker
1st time pass 31/10/2018 - thank you for being nice, friendly, making me laugh, being patient (I know I drove you nuts on occassions!!) and getting me through my test so easily and quickly. Call you next week to arrange pass plus have got a great deal on insurance from where you said to go.
Lewis Sheridan
1st time pass 03/11/2018 - Cheers dude brothers girlfriend is phoning you soon.
Holly Mayes
1st time pass 21/11/2018 - Three months start to finish cant believe it !! Oh and got a Silver Yaris so will see you out there !! Thanks xx
Nichola James
1st time pass 25/01/2019 - Your kindness, calmness and patience was greatly appreciated thank you :)
Lizzy Jackson
1st time pass 27/01/2019 -  Just to let you know that your Insurance got me a great deal and am now on the road in a black Ford Ka thank you from Wizzy Lizzy but am behaving and not being too Wizzy :) xx
Andrew Saunders
2nd time pass 31/01/2019 - Phew !! Made it but still don't know how you got me through but thanks !!! Lol
Alex Terry
1st time test pass 16/02/2019 - Brilliant ! Think your about to get some calls from Denstone and Mayfield !! No one can believe I passed after 18 hours in 8 weeks there all well jealous !!!!!
Gemma Pearson
2nd time pass 16/03/2019 - Thank you !! Now fingers crossed for Darren xx
Josh Wall
1st time pass 23/03/2019 - Thankfully I kept up your record at the school and passed first time. Thanks for all your help and see you for pass plus.
Ollie Fewtrell
1st time pass 20/04/2019 - Damian its Pam Fewtrell firstly thank you for getting Ollie through and so fast as well, secondly we appreciate your easy going, helpful, no fuss approach. To coin a frase 'you do exactly what it says on the tin'.
Laura Scott
1st time pass 02/05/2019 - Hi Damian its Laura's mum just wanted to say thank you for getting Laura through her test and can you ring us to sort pass plus please ?
Louisa Gamble
2nd time pass 09/05/2019 - We cut it fine !! 7 months pregnant, health issues and last days holiday !! Hope child birth is easier !! Many thanks will miss the lessons had such a fun time.
Dan Johnson
1st time pass 28/05/2019 - Many thanks for your help and patience.

Bobby Hall

1st time pass 16/07/2019 - Can't believe it thanks so much.

David Hitchcock - 1st time pass 28th/08/2019 - Thank you very much for your patience and help, so glad I changed from the other instructor to you I did more in 2 lessons with you than 17 hours with him !!! Girlfriend is next phone you soon.

Jack Ashman - 1st time test pass - 05/08/2019 - Cheers Damian fingers crossed for Beth next !!

Navada Taylor - 1st time test pass - 12/09/2019-  Three months start to finish before Uni don't know how you got me through but thanks, have given your number to a friend of mine she will phone you soon. 

Emily Taylor - 1st time pass - 17/10/2019 - Sooooo happy thank you !!!

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